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A Small Amount of Children

September 25th, 2009 Elliot Leave a comment Go to comments

Ciara It occured to me yesterday that it’s been two years since my daughter Ciara, then four years old, went into surgery to have a cancerous tumour removed, along with a defunct kidney – yet it seems like only yesterday. The outcome of Neuroblastoma is different for many kids and unfortunately too many of the children who went through the same treatment in 2007 are no longer with us.

Neuroblastoma affects only a very small amount of children, and many of the treatments have after effects that occur only in a small amount of children. Ciara was always one of those small amount of children. A small amount of children would go hyperactive on a particular sedative, or get liver disease after a bone marrow transplant, lose hearing from the chemotherapy, not regain hair – the list goes on. All of those things happened to Ciara.

It would appear that the liver disease affected her ability to grow hair, and while it hasn’t completely stopped growing, two years after her last chemo you would still describe her as a bald kid. It’s never bothered her before but I think it’s beginning to. Little girls want to look like their friends and she said the other day how she doesn’t like it and wanted it long like before. We’re off to the dermatologist on Friday for a review but I don’t really know what the options are. Luckilly, she’s a beautiful child and doesn’t need hair to be gorgeous. It does seem to be thickening up a bit so fingers crossed.

Last year Ciara struggled a bit in class, which would surprise many as she is such a smart cookie. It would appear that her hearing loss – caused by chemotherapy – was causing her more difficulties than we’d previously thought. Just before she went back to school she had hearing aids fitted and she’s getting on very well with them – she has a bit to catch up with spelling but other than that it’s all good.

These little things are irrelevant compared to the big picture. My wee girl is still with us, happy and healthy, and while she is a normal six year old, and thus acts accordingly, not a day goes past that I don’t think that we had the best after effect possible with her still being around.

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  1. September 29th, 2009 at 21:50 | #1

    What a powerful post. Really made me think. Your daughter has been through such a great deal. Can’t imagine how tough that must have been. Puts things into perspective.

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