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Our Holiday

Summer holidays are now complete and while D’Better Half and myself may realise this, Nearly Four is determined to drag them out until sometime near Christmas!

As a perpetual hater of travel on planes with toddlers, I refuse to consider holidays where flights are concerned. We have agreed to take holidays by ferry until the girls are big enough to drag their own small bags behind them as we run through airport arrivals halls. That’s our logic anyway but it does tie in with getting to see our family members in the UK quite well. So this year, once again it was a “trip on the big boat to see your cousins and uncles and aunties” that Nearly Four was presented with as her holiday.

In the weeks leading up to the trip the excitement built. At one point it seemed as if I would have to hire a bus in order to accommodate all the family and friends that Nearly Four decided to invite along. In the end the four of us squeezed into the car and headed for Rosslare in late May. I don’t drive a particularly small car (Scenic) but after spending a number of hours the previous night packing, unpacking and repacking the car and then figuring out what could be squeezed into the car as well as the boot, I came to the realisation that no matter how big the car, I will always have the same car packing problems.

The requirements of what to bring seem to expand to fit the boot space available plus 20% (give or take, it’s not an exact science). Then, once your relatives hear you are visiting them you are suddenly asked if you wouldn’t mind picking up a box of one thing or a packet of another. No problem you think, until you realise after you have everything in the car with nice cubbyholes provided for all family members travelling, that there are still four bags of things to be brought over. No point asking why you didn’t include them in the “luggage” as you are the one that put the luggage together. So the car stuffing, that’s right it’s not packing any more, gets one more revision.

The boat itself is something that Nearly Four loves. The BFD isn’t quite so enamoured by walking around the boat in circles as she shows you the passing sea from every window she can find. The gentle sway takes me about half an hour to get used to but Nearly Four seems to have automatic Sea Legs. This time we went outside as the weather was lovely and sound found ourselves on the very top of the boat having a good look around. Getting back to D’Better Half and Beanie and they were hit by a barrage of words spluttered from nearly four, each word racing ahead of the next one, as she tried to cram in everything she had seen in the past twenty minutes into a twenty second conversation.

Beanie wasn’t amused. I could tell because she was looking at me as if to ask why we were disturbing them. If she had been able to speak I imagine the conversation would have gone something like this:

“What are you doing? Weren’t you told to take her away and keep her busy? Look, I love my big sister and I understand that this is quite an exciting experience for her. Look I am excited too. Yayyyy! Happy. Now, we are on a boat. Great. I can tell because it rocks nicely from side to side and occasionally up and down. 

“Sorry, am I boring you, only you look a bit green suddenly? Oh it’s the rocking and swaying, is it. Don’t notice it myself. Back to business. My simple point is, on land I require three things. Feed me, Change me and let me sleep. On a boat I require three things. Can you guess what they are? Very good, the same three things! 

“Now be a good Daddy and bring Big Sis there for another trip around the boat while I try and catch forty winks”.  So Nearly Four and myself went on another walk and found the shops and those crazy machines where you pump in money and try to grab a soft toy with a claw that is obviously too big. But it keeps her happy so you do it.

The holiday was great and the families were all thrilled to see Beanie who smiled and gurgled for everyone. We even managed to get a decent photo of the two girls together. And now we are home and we are all back in the swing of things. Well almost all of us. Nearly Four tells everyone she is still on her holidays and is counting down to her next boat trip. By that stage beanie will be toddling around as well. That probably means twice as many laps of the boat.
It’s a good job the relatives are only a short boat trip away in the UK!

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