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Busy Days

November 23rd, 2010 podge Leave a comment Go to comments

blog - colic_symptom_chartYes so the bi-weekly plan for the blog didn’t quiet materialise, but it was always on the “to do” list!

Little Man (as we’ve become accustomed to call our son Christopher, although I’m fairly adamant at getting “Dinho” (footballing hero Ronaldinho) in as a nickname hoping “Christy” dosent start up! is now 6weeks old and counting and has gradually taken over our room, the house and our lifes in fact.

He has one wardrobe in our room and another wall of clothes and accessories in the downstairs spare room….mission for next weekend is to sort through all the newborn clothes that he has ALREADY grown out of!

Dinho was finding it hard to get his oul wind up last week (screamed the house down when trying to get a bottle in) it was off to the doctor, who diagnosed him with the dreaded Colic (which we had already resigned to before bringing our lad in!)although early signs of it. We had chosen Aptamil as the baby milk of choice from the start, and the doctor instructed to change over from the do it yourself powder to the ready made cartons…which is a whole lot easier for us – just open up the carton and bang it into the bottle (sterilised of course!), instant meal. It works out pricier than the do it yourself stuff, but dinho is a whole lot happier on the ready made cartons.

I’ve been driving between Tralee (home) and Cahir (work) like a mad yoke the last couple weeks, but it’s worth it when I get home and see the battleaxe (yes she will be reading this, hi love) and the golfing prodigy. Work is being plenty stressful even without the short night sleep and lengthy drive to deal with!

Keeping an eye on the financial side of things is not a headwrecker as once thought, budgeting house bills + sky bill+ phone bill+ petrol (a lot of petrol) + rent + car insurance + car tax + our food + baby’s food is allot easier when it’s all on one excel sheet and you know what you have extra per week….around €22.50 to be exact!

The Christening date was chosen…18th of December. Couldn’t believe that the church actually charges for it, €50 of the well-earned stuff seems a bit celtic tigeresque. Now to decide if we’ll go finger food at home, or finger food in a bar in town? The thought of having both families out to a meal is way too expensive to even think of!

I haven’t played golf in a month…and I’m kick myself if I let the handicap go up so the plan between now and Christmas is to get to the range twice (Monday to Friday) and get a round of golf in bi-weekly (hopefully that will go better than the blog bi-weekly!).
I should be receiving the spondoolicks for the sale of my car in Italy in the next couple weeks so the choice is to either invest in a new motor or to actually do something sensible and put it into the savings account towards a house…yes a house! Definitely building not buying. Too many episodes of Grand Designs have been watched to go buying a house!!!

22:50 – way past my bedtime for a Sunday night, up at 05:00 for the drive to Cahir…just when Dinho wakes up so I do get the night feed in to help out the missus.

Arrivederci until the next blog entry….in 2weeks or even sooner!

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