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Big Fat Daddy

August 21st, 2009 BFD No comments

Belly bustinI am Fat.

Not a few pounds over either. It’s really reaching troubling levels.

It doesn’t bother me too much in itself. What’s getting to me at the moment isn’t so much the weight gain it’s how I finally realised the extent of the problem.

It wasn’t the little red needle on the weighing scales suddenly reaching past the highest number on the scale and heading back towards zero, although that happens.

It wasn’t the Doctors exasperated concerns that the “plan of action” wasn’t working either. (I love the idea of a plan of action. The problem is I can do the planning half but not the action half!)

It wasn’t even the difficulties in finding clothes that fit without having to pay as if I were hiring a troupe of personal tailors!

It was, in fact, when my dearest daughter spoke with the wisdom and truth of a two (and a half) year old. She walked over to me, poked me in the stomach and said “Daddy’s Big Fat Belly”.

First time it was kind of cute and funny. Second time, when it was in front of friends and family it was less funny and slightly embarrassing. But when it’s got to the stage that I am introduced to some people as “This is my Daddy and his Big Fat Belly”, then it loses its humour and becomes something you want to deal with. I am almost waking in the night thinking of that telly advert from a few years back with the tag line “Bellies Gonna Get You!”

So that made up my mind, the bellies got to go. Then i got to thinking about what benefits there were to getting back in shape. Apart from the obvious health issues that can be resolved there’s the easier nature of finding clothes that are in the normal size range without being literally laughed out of a shop. Then there’s the fact that seats, from cinema to planes are built for slimmer shapes.

But the biggest benefit is knowing that my little girl should be able to poke fun at her auld man for many more years, with me being healthy and fit enough to enjoy our time.

And of course she won’t be introducing me as the guy with the big fat belly!

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