Morning Sickness Woes

Helping your Partner with her Morning Sickness:

Consider a hangover ‘without’ the consumption of alcohol, an upset stomach, a banging headache and the feeling of exhaustion for nearly 3 months – it would bring the most hardened of men to their knees and that even includes Ross Kemp!

To add insult to injury there does not seem to be any clear cause of morning sickness, however it is worth noting that morning sickness is a normal healthy sign of pregnancy. Symptoms can vary from mild nausea, to extreme vomiting requiring hospitalisation in cases of severe dehydration.

Morning sickness is very common and will affect over 50% of pregnant women usually in the early stages of pregnancy. It normally starts at week 5 with most sufferers noticing a reduction in their symptoms around week 16.

We’ve all witnessed it to some degree in the movies when a woman suddenly stops mid sentence to throw up and then continues on with her business unaffected, but the reality is that morning sickness can stop your partner dead in her tracks, and, assigning the condition a specific time of day gives it more of a cruel twist as it can strike at ‘any’ time of day. However many of our partners will notice that it will occur at the ‘same time’ and that they can therefore schedule their days activities in accordance of when it hits.

The following are tips & remedies to help you help your partner through this difficult period:

- Encourage your partner to take sufficient rest as tiredness can make morning sickness feel worse.

- Ensure that there is a dry biscuit or cracker to hand upon awakening as the feeling of nausea first thing can be caused by the action of moving after resting on an empty stomach.

- Help with the daily chores including the cleaning, caring for the children and especially the cooking.

- Make family & friends aware of your partners symptoms and ask them to keep in regular contact.

- Avoid unnecessary conflict (throughout the pregnancy!) and accept that intimacy may take a backseat for some time!

- Think of something different to do each week to take your partners mind off her feeling of nausea.

- Buy foods that need little preparation, foods that don't have much odour, and be considerate and eat smelly foods away from the house. Provide small regular meals or snacks throughout the day to ensure her stomach is never empty.

- Avoid giving fatty, rich, or spicy foods and prepare bland meals rich in both protein and carbohydrates and low in fat. A plentiful supply of carbohydrates will also keep her blood sugar levels up. Low fat meats, seafood and beans can reduce her nausea.

- Chewing gum and taking glucose sweets in between meals helps some women to reduce their morning sickness.

- Ginger is a popular remedy for nausea – root ginger especially, which can simply be grated into boiling water and drunk hot or cold. Ginger biscuits too as they tend not to upset the stomach.

- Top up that glass with fluids but drinking little amounts often. Ginger ale again or herbal teas such as mint or ginger can be helpful but check with the doctor first to see if herbal teas are acceptable in the pregnancy. Switch over to decaffeinated tea / coffee.

If you are ever in doubt of your partners symptoms consult your doctor immediately.


David Caren


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